Monday, Sept. 11, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Yesterday was opening day for
the KC Chiefs...

13 months - chiefs1

Daddy said I need to learn
"how we do Sunday football up in here"

13 months - chiefs9

I learned that we always
cheer for the Chiefs in this house...

13 months - chiefs5 13 months - chiefs7

Because Daddy says so...

13 months - chiefs6 13 months - chiefs3

But sometimes we get
frustrated with the team too...

13 months - chiefs4

And there is something called,
"half time" which really just means
it's time to EAT...

13 months - chiefs2

But in the end
I learned the hardest
lesson of all...

13 months - chiefs8

The agony of defeat.

13 months - chiefs13

After much thought and deliberation,
I decided to join my Daddy in
becoming a Chiefs fan...

13 months - chiefs10

But only because there isn't
a Pink team in the NFL.