Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2006

Traitor to Truman the Tiger...

You may be wondering why
I am dressed in Arkansas gear when
I am a Mizzou Tiger Cub through and through...

13 months - go pigs4

Well, there is actually a very
good reason for this...

13 months - go pigs8

My cousin Lauren is leaving this week
to officially become a Razorback.

13 months - go pigs10

And I want to cheer her on even though
I will miss her...

13 months - go pigs11

But I know she will have so much fun...

13 months - go pigs16

And I will see her again soon...

13 months - go pigs13

So... Bye-Bye Lauren!

13 months - go pigs14

And just for you, just this once
I will say...

13 months - go pigs3

Go! Hogs!!