September 15, 2013

Lindsey took me to her cousins house .It was so fun !We jumped on the hay bales I jumped so far! But today she was being  a little mean .Lindsey spent 11 dollars on her self and she only gave me 5!So I got 1 thing she got 2!
Cookie is doing good .I am too ! 

Hi it's Bella and I'm 8 so I'm doing my own blog . I'm in third grade yay it's so fun! I love it !Did you ? My B.F.F Lindsey and I are going to have a sleep over at her house! And we are going to see Brave at the park !it will be so fun I know it!

Cookie  is my dog . She is so silly  you would  laugh so hard ! I love her and if you knew her you would too !